These policies and procedures may be modified as necessary by a simple majority vote of the Board of Directors.  As is standard practice, the President does not vote except in the case of a tie.


Membership Dues

 Approximately $5.00 of each person’s dues are for Accident, Medical and Liability Insurance as provided by USDA (United Square Dancers of America).   Membership dues shall be as follows: 

 Dues:  $20 per adult member, $5 per child member (18 and under).

 New members are encouraged to purchase a club name badge.

Dance Admission Fees

 Callers or Cuers (who are not calling or cuing at that dance) and their spouses shall pay the member admission fee. Admission fees to a regular club dance are as follows:

Dance Fees



(18 & younger)










Caller Fees

Without prior Board approval, the maximum fee authorized for a caller is $200. 

Caller/Cuer Payment

Caller/Cuer fees are to be paid the night of the dance either by check or cash (requires a receipt) at the rate stated per the signed contract.

Caller/Cuer Contracts

Written and signed Caller/Cuer contracts for each dance - defining date, time, rate, dance program, cancellation terms, expenses and equipment provisions as well as contact information are required.

Dance Cancellation Notification

The President and the Vice President jointly, or, in their absence, two Board members are required to decide whether to cancel a dance.  The Secretary shall maintain a current contact list of all members, key members of neighboring clubs, and regularly attending non-club member square dancers, and shall notify the above  and media in the event of a cancellation.  The web site shall also indicate cancellations.

Club Affiliations 

The club will affiliate with the following:

·         Michigan Council of Square and Round Dance Clubs (MCSRDC).

·         West Michigan Square and Round Dance Association (WMSRDA).

Club Insurance 

The club will maintain Accident, Medical and Liability Insurance on each member through the United Square Dancers of America (USDA) via the Michigan Council of Square and Round Dance Clubs (http://www.squaredance-michigan.com/member-area).

Accident Report

A USDA “Club Accident Report” form shall be filled out by a club officer as soon as possible following an accident.  A copy of the completed report shall be kept on file with the Secretary.

Standing Committees

The Vice President shall be responsible for insuring the dance venue is set up and cleaned up, that beverages and decorations are supplied and that greeters and admissions people are in place.


The Standing Committees of the club shall be: (the same person may hold more than one committee chair)

a.       Newsletter Editor

b.      Public Relations

c.       Web Master

d.      Club Apparel & Accessories



Dance and Fiscal Year 


The year shall run from January 1 to December 31.

The regular dance schedule shall run from April thru November (except September).  Special dances may be added as desired.

Lessons will be offered throughout the year.  Cost will be $4.00 per lesson or $30.00 for 10 lessons.