Demo Team


Thank you for your interest in our group! Happy Soles has a square dance demo team that shows the community what square dancing is all about. We do demonstrations for schools, churches, senior communities, festivals and other events throughout the Grand Rapids area.


We provide a caller and one or two squares of dancers (8 people per square) depending on the size of the event. Our program is usually an hour but we can adjust according to your program needs. Equipment (speaker, mic, etc.)  is provided by Happy Soles. If you have a central system that we can plug into, please let us know as that is usually set better for your facility. Spectators will be invited to participate throughout the hour and will learn several basic square dance moves. Don’t worry - the dancers are there to help everyone!


We do ask you to provide the following, if possible:

1.                1.  Table (4’-6’ is fine) near outlet for caller’s equipment


2.               2.  Pitchers of ice water/cups – Dancers work up a thirst!


3.               3.  Please advise if event is inside or outside. If outside, we dress casual (jeans and club tees). If inside, we wear square dance attire, unless casual is suggested by event host.


4.                          4.  It’s also helpful to us to know what we will be dancing on (carpet, wood, concrete, etc.) so the dancers can wear shoes that work best for that surface.


         5.  Expenses – we do have them and, as much as we’d like to offer our program at no charge, but we need to cover our costs. Please contact us for pricing for your event.


We look forward to dancing with you!


616-281-0067 (Judy or Rick)